People often ask me where I come up with ideas for photo shoots.  The answer? Truthfully, it’s YOU!  Meeting a couple for the first time, you can just see the energy between them and the love they share RIGHT away! By the time I get around to asking what you love to do together & what hobbies you share, my mind has already been racing a mile a minute picturing you laughing walking in a field…you smiling into the side of his face…him picking you up and swinging you around…Ooh! and incorporating this awesome detail I’ve been dying to try…as the warm sunlight surrounds you….an awesome light flare coming down from above that old barn I’m envisioning the shoot taking place in…And the list goes on 🙂

Yep, this is all going through my head during our very first meeting together!! The key to inspiration is VISUALIZATION. I’m always striving to do new, creative things in each session and wedding I shoot, but the shoot is a success from being able to visualize the end product.  The smart and ever-wise Shawn Covey, who wrote the book Seven Habits for Highly Successful People, wrote this as one of the main principles in life: Begin with the End in Mind.

Your shoot? It’s important to me.  I spend hours thinking about it. Visualizing it. Picking out the perfect props, location ideas, outfit choices. I love love, and I love capturing it! Inspiration is just the tool I use to get there. 🙂

And because a blog post is never as fun without a picture…here’s a new inspiration board I put together for the lovely Erin Mustain and Jay Merrill, winners of the free engagement session contest! I can’t wait to turn this vision into reality 🙂


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