Soon I’ll be Lauren Fair :)

Here’s the whole story of the best day EVER :)… complete with pictures, of course!

2 weeks before, my boss scheduled me to shoot a couple’s engagement pictures down at Water Works, at the foot of the art museum on the Delaware River.  It’s a beautiful place, and I was excited to shoot there! I got to the Water Works on Sunday, June 20 around 4:30.  I was a little early, so I just walked around a bit taking pictures of the gorgeous place to show Tim later…

I walked out onto the pier by the gazebo, and saw a guy and girl standing there holding a red rose.  I figured they had just gotten engaged or something, so I got all photographer and asked if they wanted me to take a picture for them!  Um, yes.  that was MY ROSE they were holding! (Little did I know….) I was still just waiting for this couple “Amy and Greg” to show up, and getting a little worried because they were late.  I walked back towards the big plaza, and this hippie-esque girl came up to me and said “Hey, there’s a rose for you out on the gazebo!”   I gotta admit, I totally thought she was high. or drunk. or both haha. I kinda wanted her to leave me alone, so I said I’d look and walked out on the pier again!

I went out on the pier looking for a rose, and didn’t see anything! I was thoroughly confused (and completely clueless…you’d think I would suspect something) and then I turned around and saw Tim there! He had this massive smile on his face walking towards me. I was like “TIm? What are you doing here?”…and he got down on one knee, told me there was no one else he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and pulled out a black velvet ring box and asked me to marry him!!!  The crowd around us started clapping as Ifreaked out, screamed YES! and he picked me up and spun me around.

I was still so shocked because I truly thought I was working that afternoon! Tim brought me over under the gazebo and we had this awesome British couple take these pictures right afterwards.  He told me there was a whole plan in motion…I was supposed to go to valet parking to get a note from the valet guy –but I parked my own car–which was supposed to lead me to the pier where I would find a rose with a poem tied to it –which that other couple had stolen!–and then he would be down on one knee behind me when I turned around.  I told him I didn’t care–this was so much better 🙂  Tim started laughing so hard when i told him I knew where the rose went!

I couldn’t stop staring at my ring! It sparkles from across the room…in the dark. That’s how blingin it is 🙂

We walked along Penn’s Landing on the harbor and then he told me my parents were meeting us at Moshulu, our favorite restaurant in Philly.   It’s this giant ship-turned-restaurant that we went to over a year ago..

Our faces were killing us from smiling so much all day 🙂  We went home and celebrated with his family later that night, and it was the perfect end to the BEST day of my life…until May 20, 2011. ❤


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