The Civil Wars :: Switchfoot @ C.U.

Two pretty amazing bands came into town last night, and I photographed the show–sitting onstage, what what! The Civil Wars has a gentle, melodic, dreamy, folk-like sound that is making them famous–their latest single, Poison & Wine, was featured on Grey’s Anatomy!  Check out their myspace here:  I adore finding new bands that just envelop you with their warm sound….and the Civil Wars is definitely one of my new favorites.  I haven’t seen Switchfoot perform since a big music festival called Creation, 4 or 5 years ago….and I was blown away by how much better they are now!  One of their latest singles (The Sound) is being played in the Blackberry commercial, and their song Bullet Soul is the theme song for the NCAA tournament this year, getting these guys a ton of attention.  I love shooting bands and live events–contact me if you and your band need some new pictures and I’d love to come to your show!  I had so much fun shooting this event–here’s some of my favorites from the night!

The Civil Wars

Jon Foreman!


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